We’ve moved !


A prettier, more user-friendly version of An Expat’s Norway is finally here!!

(Well, ok, not exactly “here”… but here: www.expatsnorway.net) wooop wooop!

More personal, more content

  • A new logo, inspired by the person I’ve become: A clumsy skier in winter, an avid strawberry-eater in summer.
  • A new design that reflects the fun, warm and neat atmosphere I like to receive my friends with. Welcome to my online home 🙂
  • 4 new pages with online and offline resources for Expats:
  1. Announcements
  2. Blogs, websites, FB groups
  3. Clubs (social & Sports)
  4. Markets
  • And the biggest deal of all: The Events List! A calendar of events for expats leaving in Oslo: Music, theater, social gatherings, concerts, yoga, meditation, festivals, children specials, … anything goes! From the-cheapest-there-is (Free) to Julio Iglesias-Expensive… you will always have something to do!

And now what…?

Keep calm and Subscribe ! 😀 The old blog (the one you are reading now) will be put to sleep. Eventually I will pull out the plug, so follow the reincarnation link before it’s too late.

I look forward to your visits and comments!!

All my best to you,